Anytime Roof Repair FAQs

Do you have questions about the roofing services provided by Anytime Roof Repair LLC in Bradley, IL? We are a licensed, insured, bonded, and certified roofing company serving all of Kankakee County and the surrounding areas. Check out our frequently asked questions below to get answers to your questions about warranties and our services.
Q: Does a roof repair come with a warranty?
A: We guarantee most repairs for up to 1 year. Because roofs come in all shapes and sizes the final determination of a warranty needs to be made at the time of the inspection. We also offer guarantees for our services.

Q: What is a roof maintenance plan?
A: A Roof Maintenance Plan is a plan to extend the lifetime of your roof by performing scheduled maintenance so that any necessary repairs are made to your roof before damage can occur from
unnoticed leaks.
Q: If I don't notice a leak, do I need to worry about it?
A: Yes, unnoticed leaks can cause major damage to the structure of your home if not repaired. Some major problems that can occur from leaks are wood and mold.

Q: Can weatherizing my house lead to lower utility costs?
A: Yes, having a weatherization inspection of your home and performing the recommended repairs can lower your energy costs up to 30%.
Q: Why does my roof need to be ventilated?
A: Good ventilation will keep attic heat down in the summer, which bakes the bottom of your shingles and decreases their life. In the winter good ventilation will stop ice dams from forming on your roof and will stop ice from forming in your attic, which leads to water infiltration, wood rot, and mold.

Q: I received an estimate for a new roof from a roofing contractor. He never suggested repairing the roof to make it last longer. Does this mean I need to replace my roof?
A: Many roofing contractors are in the business of replacing roofs, not repairing them. The best way to know for sure is to have Anytime Roof Repair LLC perform a complete inspection of your roofing system. Our main focus is to increase the life of a roofing system by performing basic maintenance and repairs to make your investment affordable and last as long as possible.